Snark is alive and well in the craft community

craft-fail2.jpg‘Craft’ and ‘Snark’ are not words you’ll often hear in the same sentence. The gentle, supportive craft community is usually exempt from the scrutiny and bitchiness applied to policics, music and celebrities, and most people like it that way.

Or so you might think. I’ve recently chance upon a few sites that are designed to poke fun at craft ‘errors’ – the shockingly ugly, the ill-advised and the downright pointless – and have found that snark in the craft community is alive and well. I haven’t made my mind up what I think of all this yet: on the one hand I don’t like the culture of encouragement without criticism that can flourish in this world and feel a bit of brutal honesty is sometimes needed to help creativity. On the other hand, I quite like the warmth and cameraderie that exists in craft. What do you think? And while you’re making up your mind, take a look at my mini-guide to craft snark sites here!


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