Is Climate Change killing off the Daddy-long-legs?

daddy-long-legs.jpgI’m certainly not in the habit of applauding the action of climate change, but can I please make an exception in this one instance? The crane fly is surely the most pointless and bothersome insect ever, and I for one would be happy to never have one fly into my face again. And if their numbers continue to dwindle, maybe I’ll get my wish! The fact that it’s due to climate change is…beside the point. Or, if you’re going to be more sensible about it, this story merits our approval becaue it’ll get those who don’t discriminate against members of the insect world to take action and save the crane fly from extinction. It appears they do in fact serve some useful functions, such as providing food for upland birds like golden plover, which are rather pretty. In fact, Dr James Pearce Higgins, of RSPB Scotland, said: “This is the most worrying development that I have found in my scientific career to date. So perhaps not such a reason for celebration after all…

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