Crafty fun with Qype at Fabrications

fabrications2.jpgIt never ceases to amaze me how many independent craft shops exist in London. Every time I tell myself I *must* have found the last one, along comes another and I’m impressed and inspired all over again.

The other night provided another such revelation as I was tipped off to the existence of Fabrications; a shop, studio and gallery in Broadway Market that runs regular classes catering to several disciplines, though knitting is a particular focus. I’d gone along to join the guys at Qype, who had organised an event that promised the opportunity to ‘learn a brand new craft’, so off I went to the wilds of East London in search of a novel experience (and a French Fancy, which may also have served as motivation!)

barley-massey.jpgWhen I chatted to Barley Massey, the shop’s owner, I was surprised and slightly embarrassed to learn that this gem of a shop has been open for nearly ten years; I just couldn’t believe I hadn’t dropped by before!

A committed green, she explained how the shop has become very much a part of the community in the local area, and that she has relationships with various other businesses which pass on their cast-off materials for use in her workshops and her own creations, which include recycled bicycle tyre cushions. You can see a range of her repurposed work here.

The evening’s class itself was heaps of fun, and provided a unique opportunity to knit with giant needles while watching a newly-initiated male crafter French-knitting an Aresenal football scarf.

fab-giant-needles.jpgAfter my stint on the needles, I made a rosette, which has brightend up my black coat very nicely.


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